Position: Senior Industrial Engineering Manager

  • Evaluate and review established processes in manufacturing container management and offer recommendations for improvement, such as: increased service levels, cycle time improvement, inventory reductions, and overall manufacturing cost reductions.
  • Direct the industrial engineering team, coaching/teaching/mentoring on quality control, drive essential improvements and enable container restoration execution.
  • Manage projects: Develop project plans, manufacturing methods, restoration services, outlining work plans, timelines, roles, resources and cost analysis systems through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.
  • Identify and lead cross-functional project team comprised of functional experts; plan and establish sequence of operations; Manage team progress to ensure achievement of all milestones and deliverables recommend methods for improving utilization of personnel, material, and utilities.
  • Utilize structured project management methodologies to control the overall implementation of projects, production costs, cost saving methods, efficiently utilize resources and meet deadlines.
  • Assist with architects and provide Business Essentials training modules as needed through AutoCAD software.
  • Supervise subordinates’ use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the enterprising resource planning is the integrated management of core business processes.
  • Work with croos-functional team members to develop production and design standards ensuring that all supporting infrastructure including program guidelines, processes, training programs.
  • Provide direct consultative support to clients, vendors, staff, and management personnel management regarding engineering opportunities and recommendations.
  • Administer and ensure compliance with the quality control and reliability, environmental, and material management.
  • Maintain all study, design, and associated files in good order with proper documentation and updates for production reports, purchase orders, and material, tool, and equipment lists
  • Prepare reports for management regarding improvement of processes and efficiencies regarding safety, security and quality standards compliance, as well as goals accomplishments.
  • Implement methods and procedures for enforcing safety rules, policies, and procedures consistently, and respond to and investigate all reports of accidents or injuries in a timely manner respecting the rules of Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
  • Travel 20% or more of the year in the United States to identify improvement opportunities, propose solutions and implement them.
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Job Requirements

  • BS in Industrial Engineering, plus 2 years of experience as Industrial Engineering Manager or related in a manufacturing environment.
  • Knowledge of quality control, inventory control, leading team in manufacturing implementation and process improvement.
  • Experience with the following programs and software: AutoCAD, occupational safety and health standards, CRM-ERP project developing, and Enterprise Resource Planning.
  • Travel 20% or more of the year in the U.S. to identify improvement opportunities, propose solutions and implement them

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