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Published: July 7, 2023

Custom Shipping Containers make sense for Florida Commercial Business

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Shipping container architecture has seen a significant surge in recent years, as shipping container buildings can be customized to suit a variety of needs and climates. There are many reasons why custom shipping containers make sense for commercial businesses in the Sunshine State. The strength and durability of modified shipping containers withstand most of Florida's tropical conditions. It's time to think about a custom shipping container for your next commercial building project.

Primary Concerns When Building in Florida

1. Wind Resistance

Florida's hurricanes and high winds mean buildings must be constructed to withstand these conditions. Florida building codes have strict wind-resistance standards - building designs must withstand wind speeds specific to their location, with coastal areas requiring higher wind resistance.

2. Flooding and Storm Surges

Many parts of Florida are at risk of flooding, particularly coastal and low-lying areas. Buildings must be designed accordingly, with elevation and flood-proofing measures often being necessary.

3. Salt Air Corrosion

The salt air of Florida's coastal regions corrode certain materials over time. Using corrosion-resistant materials and coatings can help reduce this risk.

4. Heat and Sunlight

Florida's hot sun can lead to high indoor temperatures and fading of exterior materials. Energy-efficient design, including proper insulation and ventilation, is essential to keep buildings cool. Windows, walls, and roofs may need to have a high solar reflectance to reflect more sunlight and reduce heat absorption.

5. Humidity and Rainfall

Florida's high humidity and rainfall can lead to issues with moisture, such as mold and mildew. Building designs should consider proper drainage, use of moisture-resistant materials, and moisture barriers where necessary.

6. Pest Control

Florida's warm climate is conducive to various pests, including termites. Using pest-resistant materials and building techniques can help prevent infestation.

How Do Shipping Containers Suit Florida’s Commercial Building Needs?

Shipping containers are made of durable conex steel. 

Shipping containers are constructed with steel sheets, known for their excellent weathering properties and durability. This high-quality material provides a protective layer that prevents corrosion, ensuring the container's integrity, even in Florida's high humidity and salty air.

Designed to be wind resistant. 

Originally for sea transport, shipping containers' design endures high wind speeds without being easily displaced or experiencing significant damage. This feature is vital in Florida, a state frequently subjected to hurricanes and storms.

Designed to be water-tight to protect goods inside during shipping. 

Shipping containers are designed to be watertight to protect goods during long journeys. This feature is an advantage in Florida's rainy and sometimes stormy climate as it helps to keep the interior dry, protecting the structure and the interiors from water damage.

Shipping containers and container structures can be easily elevated. 

It's common to place shipping containers on elevated foundations, providing a safeguard against flooding, a frequent concern in many parts of Florida. This elevation can also improve air circulation and prevent potential moisture-related problems.

Easily customized with appropriate insulation. 

Shipping containers can be easily insulated to handle Florida's weather. Special coatings can be applied to reflect heat and insulation materials can be installed to keep the interior cool, enhancing the energy efficiency of the building.

Shipping containers are modular and easily movable. 

The modular nature of shipping containers allows for easy repair, modification, or replacement of sections following weather-related damage that may occur. Their portability also means they can be relocated if needed, an advantage in areas prone to certain extreme weather conditions.

The strength and stability of their construction allows them to be stacked and arranged to create large commercial buildings. 

Shipping containers are designed to carry heavy loads and be stacked several stories high, which requires immense structural integrity. This strength ensures that they can maintain their stability and resist deformation under the pressure of Florida's severe weather conditions.

Shipping Container Buildings easily withstand the adverse weather in Florida.

Does Shipping Container Construction Adhere to the Florida Building Code?

Like anywhere, Florida has specific requirements for safe and legal building of commercial structures. The suitability of each individual project will differ, but shipping containers are an excellent option for adhering to building code requirements including:

  • Structural stability
  • Wind load
  • Flood resistance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Fire safety

It's important to note that building codes can change and are subject to local modifications, and the interpretation of these codes may vary by city or county. Therefore, the suitability  of shipping containers for commercial projects may also vary.

How Can Florida Commercial Businesses Benefit from Using Shipping Containers for Commercial Construction?

Besides the advantages in terms of Florida’s unique climate and construction needs, there are general advantages of building commercial projects using repurposed shipping containers.

Shipping containers are a more affordable solution.

Custom shipping containers are often already weatherproofed and constructed to withstand heavy loads, which significantly reduces construction costs. Plus, they are easily stacked and arranged, further reducing labor and material costs.

Shipping container construction is fast and convenient for more efficient commercial development.

Since the basic structure of shipping containers already exists, it considerably reduces the overall construction timeline. Container modifications can be made off-site, then transported and assembled on location, which minimizes disruption to the business operations or surrounding community.

Shipping containers are designed to last, so container structures are often more durable than traditional construction methods.

Shipping containers are designed to withstand rough seas and heavy loads, which translates into strong, secure buildings able to withstand harsh conditions. Plus, their modular nature allows for flexibility and easy repairs or replacements when needed.

Shipping containers can easily fit the regulatory environment, particularly with things like sustainable and energy-efficient modifications.

Considering Shipping Containers for Your Commercial Construction Project?

M1 Containers has extensive experience designing and constructing shipping container buildings for a wide variety of Florida businesses. Contact us today to discuss your project needs and get a quote!

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