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Published: June 6, 2023

One of the World's Largest Container Parks: KRATE at the Grove

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Take 94 shipping containers and turn them into beautifully designed restaurants and retail shops.

The result?
One of the largest and most exciting container parks in the world, attracting visitors from all over the globe.

We’re describing KRATE at the Grove, located in Wesley Chapel, Florida. 

And M1 Containers is proud to have been a part of bringing KRATE to life. Our team is incredibly proud to showcase this world-class project. KRATE is truly a shopping and event destination embraced by its community. 

What is a Shipping Container Park? 

Container parks are a relatively new concept. So what are they, exactly? Container parks are typically open-air shopping centers where custom commercial shipping containers have been transformed into retail, restaurant, and business locations – each uniquely customized to its tenant. 

KRATE is one of the largest container park in the world. There are 94 modified shipping containers that make up 46 businesses ranging in size from 300 square-feet (one shipping container) to 900 square-feet (three containers). 

This incredible open-air entertainment district was brought to life through the vision of Vance McCallister, and Mark Mondello, owner of KRATE, and the experienced team at M1 Containers, a leading custom shipping container company in Florida. Working closely with Vance and Mark, M1 Containers helped turn their vision into a reality. 

“When we bought the property, we knew the vision was to create some type of entertainment district. With the help of M1 Containers, we sat down with a concept of how to make this happen and this is what you see today,” said Vance McCallister, Vice President at KRATE at the Grove.

Constructing a Shipping Container Park takes expertise 

Building KRATE was no easy feat. There were numerous challenges to overcome, including navigating the permit process and ensuring the park met all code requirements. Because of the uniqueness of the project, much of the construction process was new for all involved. 

“Not only is this one of the largest container parks so far in the world, this is the largest and only one ever built in Pasco County,” explained McCallister. “So there was a whole set of challenges that came about with the permit process, code requirements.”

“The biggest question was how to even build a project like this,” added McCallister. “M1 Containers was by far the most willing to come on-site and work through the process with us. They helped us with the county and figured out how to make this as seamless as possible."

Our team at M1 Containers was on-site and involved every step of the way, providing expert guidance and support. 

“When Mark and Vance first approached us with their vision for KRATE, we were all thrilled,” said Mario Ferreras, COO, VP of Sales & Marketing at M1 Containers. “Our entire team at M1 Containers was fully committed from the beginning.”

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World-class Container Park with a community focus 

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved, KRATE at the Grove is now a booming success. Tenants - from restaurants and clothing stores to spas and cafes - love the unique look and feel of their custom container spaces. KRATE is comprised of 29 restaurants and 17 retail shops.

What has been one of the most exciting parts of KRATE is the way the community has embraced the conex shipping container park as a must-visit destination. KRATE keeps an eye toward supporting the community they are in by promoting locally-owned businesses and vendors to the shoppers and visitors at KRATE.

With over 25,000 followers on Instagram, KRATE has quickly become a beloved spot for locals and tourists from all over the world. 

"The community growth has really been what's crazy,” explained McCallister. “When we opened the park, we started an Instagram page. We now have surpassed 25,000 followers just for KRATE. To me that's a testament in itself. KRATE has quickly become an outpouring and overwhelming destination place that everyone wants to, and can, be a part of."

Visit the Krate at the Grove Instagram page to see a bustling community of colorful, exciting experiences at KRATE. You will see visitors from all over the world shopping, listening to live music on stage from artists such as Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift, enjoying fantastic foods, and seeing exotic and rare cars at car shows. KRATE truly is a one-of-a-kind shopping and event destination. 

M1 Containers Can Bring your Commercial Shipping Container Project to Life 

"For any container project moving forward, M1 Containers will continue to be my first call. I know they will help me figure out the process - from conceptual design to manufacturing,” said McCallister. “Again, you know, it all comes down to relationships and economics. For me personally, M1 Containers met both. And that's a homerun in itself."

M1 Containers, Florida's custom shipping container and conex container specialist for over 15 years, is proud to have partnered with Krate on bringing their vision to life – and showcasing to the Florida community and world, how versatile, visually-appealing, and customizable shipping container structures can be. The possibilities are endless – and Krate is a perfect example of how customized shipping containers can take your project to the next level. 

Custom Conex Shipping Containers for Every Business

Shipping container and conex container offices and workspaces cater to diverse sectors, including construction companies, event management companies, retail shops, government agencies, schools, and medical centers, allowing them to tailor portable and robust containers into office spaces, administrative offices, community hubs, ticket stations, and more.

No matter your organization's unique workspace requirements, customized conex shipping containers offer significant benefits to enhance your business operations.

With a comprehensive selection of flexible configuration options, the possibilities for shipping container and conex container transformations are endless. If you can dream it, our experts at M1 Containers can design and build it.

Start your Commercial Container Project today! 

If you're considering a container project, look no further than M1 Containers. With our expertise and experience, we will bring your vision to life. From conceptual design to manufacturing, M1 Containers is committed to providing solutions that work for your business. 

Don't wait - contact M1 Containers today and let us help you create something truly special. 

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