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Published: July 15, 2023

Restoring Your Modified Shipping Container - How We Give Your Container New Life

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Shipping containers are becoming a popular option for refurbishing and customization, creating spaces suitable for anything from restaurants to healthcare clinics. M1 Containers offers custom shipping containers in Florida, bringing years of experience and superior service to our customers. Once we have created a custom shipping container for your commercial needs – our job isn’t always done. Modified shipping containers are designed to be durable and last for years. But even the sturdiest product will have maintenance or restoration needs. Rather than start from scratch, let M1 Containers help you breathe new life into your existing container or trailer!

Ways to Refurbish Shipping Containers

A custom shipping container company can refurbish a shipping container in several ways, including:

Customization and Modification

A shipping container’s basic structure can be modified according to your needs and intended use. Whether it’s currently unaltered or has been previously modified, the simplicity of shipping containers makes them easy to customize. Structural modifications include:

  • Doors and windows
  • Ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Partitions

Interior Finishing

If a shipping container is unmodified or has simply been used for storage or other basic purposes, interior finishing or refinishing can give it new life. Interior finishing can improve aesthetic appeal or make it more functional for human use as spaces such as offices, retail shops, or living quarters. Some examples of interior finishing might be:

  • Flooring
  • Wall paneling
  • Electrical systems
  • Lighting fixtures
  • HVAC units
  • Plumbing

Exterior Upgrades

To improve the visual quality of a shipping container, they can be easily upgraded and redesigned due to their simple structure. An eye-catching exterior can transform a shipping container from an eyesore into an attraction. There are many ways that a shipping container’s exterior can be altered to better express its purpose or use. For example, fresh paint or protective coatings add personality and warmth, while branding or signage can attract customers

Exterior upgrades may also include safety or functional modifications including:

  • Security features like locks or cameras
  • Ramps or stairs for entry, exit, and accessibility
  • Decks for attached outdoor space

Sustainable Features

Shipping containers can easily be refurbished into sustainably functioning structures. Eco-friendly features that can be easily integrated include:

  • Solar panels
  • Rainwater harvesting system
  • Green roofs
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Natural lighting and ventilation
  • Greywater recycling systems
  • Composting toilets

Specialty Conversions

M1 Containers has the expertise to complete specialty conversions and renovations for spaces that often have unique needs, organizations, and regulations. These may include things like specialty workshops, healthcare spaces, mobile clinics, restaurants, or bars.

Can Refurbishing a Shipping Container Improve its Structural Integrity?

Refurbishing a shipping container can give it new life and allow it to be used for a number of purposes or businesses, but the refurbishing process can also do a lot to strengthen the container and increase its lifespan and structural integrity.

Rust Removal and Treatment

One of the major issues with used shipping containers is rust. Refurbishing them often includes sandblasting to remove rust, followed by the application of rust-resistant paint. This process can greatly increase the lifespan of the container, preventing structural weakness and future damage.

Replacing Damaged Sections

During refurbishment, areas that are severely damaged or weakened can be cut out and replaced with new sections of steel. Dents can also be removed to return the container to its original shape and structure, improving the container’s overall strength.


In some cases, additional reinforcements may be added to a shipping container during the refurbishment process. This could involve welding in extra steel supports, especially if the container will be used for heavy storage or converted into a living space. Exterior reinforcement may be necessary or recommended to further protect the container against certain weather and climates, like hurricanes in Florida.

Flooring Replacement

Many shipping containers have wooden floors, which can become weakened or damaged over time. By replacing old, damaged flooring with new, treated plywood or other materials like steel or concrete, the container's structural integrity can be improved.


The refurbishment process may need to include making the container watertight again. This could involve replacing door seals, fixing leaks in the roof or walls, and applying waterproof coatings or paints. This is crucial in preventing water damage, which can quickly compromise the container's structural integrity and ruin any interior modifications.


If the shipping container is being converted into a habitable space, insulation will likely be added. While primarily for comfort and energy efficiency, insulation can also provide an additional layer of interior protection for the container, preventing condensation which could cause rust from the inside.

8' x 10' Shipping container offices and workspaces allow companies to customize portable and durable containers into office units, vehicle checkpoints, community centers, ticket booths, medical units, and more.
8' x 10' Shipping container offices and workspaces allow companies to customize portable and durable containers into office units, vehicle checkpoints, community centers, ticket booths, medical units, and more.

Why Refurbish a Shipping Container Instead of Purchasing A New One?

There are several reasons why a company or individual may choose to refurbish their existing shipping container instead of purchasing a new one or opting for another construction method.

Cost-effectiveness - Refurbishing a shipping container is often more cost-effective compared to constructing a traditional building or purchasing a new container. The cost of restoring an existing container – especially one that is already modified for your specific business needs –  is typically lower than the expenses associated with traditional construction materials and labor.

Sustainability - Reusing and repurposing shipping containers is an eco-friendly choice. By refurbishing a container, it reduces the demand for new construction materials and decreases waste. It also promotes sustainable practices by giving a second life to an existing resource.

Time-efficiency - Refurbishing a shipping container can significantly reduce construction time. Since containers already have a structural framework, modifications and customization can be completed relatively quickly. This is especially advantageous when time is a crucial factor, such as for temporary structures or urgent project deadlines.

Mobility and Flexibility - Shipping containers are designed to be portable, making them an excellent option for projects that require mobility or temporary setups. Refurbished containers can be easily transported and relocated to different sites, making them versatile for various applications like pop-up stores, construction site offices, or event spaces.

Unique Appearance - Many individuals and businesses appreciate the industrial, modern, and innovative look that refurbished shipping containers offer. It provides a distinctive visual appeal that stands out and can be customized to match specific branding or design preferences.

Durability and Security - Shipping containers are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and are inherently durable. This makes restoration and refurbishing of custom shipping containers an ideal option. Refurbishing can reinforce their structural integrity, and adding security features can make them suitable for secure storage or remote locations. 

At M1 Containers, we have a large selection of exceptional shipping containers for sale and for rent. To get the most out of your shipping container, it is essential to practice proper storage container maintenance to see your return on investment. To prevent damage and extend the life of your shipping container, our team offers all types of container repair – from repairing ISO doors to entire roof replacement.

Repair Services from M1 Containers 

  • Repairing container floors
  • Leveling walls and doors
  • All A/C repairs – window and bard units
  • Replacing doors or fitting new rubber door gasket
  • Patching container holes / filling cracks
  • Refrigerated container service and maintenance
  • Repairing door bars and locking handles
  • Welding patches
  • Replacing security locks or welding new lock boxes
  • Cross member repair
  • Replacing timber flooring
  • Trailers Set Up & Tear Down
  • Delivery & Relocation
  • Metal Finishing and Restoration

Ready to Refurbish Your Shipping Container?

M1 Containers has the experience and professionalism you need to make your vision a reality. Contact us today to discuss how we can give new life to your shipping container!

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