Vision Statement

Our vision is to become the nation's premier partner in the modular buildings and shipping containers industries, marked by our steadfast commitment to safety, innovation, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Dedicated to setting the industry standard, we offer a full spectrum of services — from restoration, maintenance, and repair to branding, customization, setup, relocation, and tear-down. Serving both the public and private sectors, we aim to enhance residential and commercial modular buildings and revolutionize the rental market with our exceptional service quality.

Mission Statement

To empower the modular buildings and shipping containers industries with a comprehensive suite of services that exemplify safety, innovation, and efficiency, while offering a 1-year warranty on our solutions. We commit to delivering cost-effective solutions that encompass restoration, maintenance, repair, branding, customization, setup, relocation, and tear-down. Catering to the diverse needs of the public and private sectors, we aim to elevate the standards of modular habitation and utilization, ensuring superior service quality and propelling the industry toward a future of excellence.

We are committed to:

  • Continuous innovation and research to maintain our leadership in specialized industries.
  • Environmental stewardship by minimizing our ecological impact and promoting sustainability within our unique domains.
  • Upholding the highest standards of safety, quality, and ethics in all our specialized endeavors.
  • Fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, and empowerment among our employees.
  • Building lasting partnerships with our clients, suppliers, and communities within our specialized niches.

Industry Focus

We are a trusted partner to modular building firms and ISO container rental companies across the nation. With a track record dating back to 2010, our dedication to these sectors is resolute and enduring.

National Reach

Our operations span more than 30 states, demonstrating our extensive reach and reliability. We are equipped with the necessary labor and equipment to undertake projects throughout the country.

Operational Excellence

We have the unique capability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring each one receives the full attention and resources required to guarantee success.

Industry Recognition and Certifications

  • Obtained the Modular Buildings Manufacturer's license in Florida (2021).
  • Received IS Network member contractor certification, ensuring compliance with safety industry standards. (2023)
  • Played a key role in the Krate project Development of the Year (2022) in Tampa Bay, a 96-unit innovative shipping container commercial project.

Products and Services Description:

MobileOne Restoration Inc. prides itself on offering an extensive range of services that cater to the nuanced requirements of the modular building and shipping container industry. Our services are designed to cover every aspect of the modular unit's lifecycle and include:

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We breathe new life into older modular units and shipping containers, restoring them to a state that meets or exceeds their original functionality and design specifications. Bringing residential and commercial structures back to their original state or better.
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Maintenance services for residential and commercial modular units. Ensuring that containers, trailers, and modular buildings are in optimal condition. [Vincular enlace]
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Our targeted repair services address structural, aesthetic, or functional issues, ensuring each unit is safe, up to code, and ready for use. [vincular enlace]
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We offer bespoke customizations for all types of shipping containers, transforming them into spaces that serve a variety of purposes, from mobile offices and pop-up retail to specialized industrial applications.


Recognizing the importance of corporate identity, we provide branding services that include custom paint jobs, decals, and interior branding elements, turning modular units and containers into extensions of our clients' brand.


We enable the mobility of business operations and residential by offering relocation services for modular units and shipping containers, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum adaptability.


We enable the mobility of business operations and residential by offering relocation services for modular units and shipping containers, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum adaptability.


At the conclusion of their use, we provide environmentally responsible tear-down services, which include the deconstruction, site remediation, and recycling or repurposing of materials.

All type of ISO Containers Customizations

We excel in customizing shipping containers for a variety of uses, setting industry standards in innovation and adaptability.

Customized containers for a variety of needs

See what M1 Containers can do for you. Check out some of our custom options.

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