M1 Containers Customization

If you can dream it, we can design it. Innovation is the difference at M1 Containers. Our team can customize shipping containers to meet every need.

What Are Shipping Container Modifications?

Storage container buildings offer an alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar structure. As the name implies, these are the standard storage containers used for transporting goods on cargo ships, trucks and railcars — but they can be expertly modified to create anything from offices and classrooms to electrical control rooms, on-site employee housing, water treatment facilities, retail stores, restroom facilities and even innovative multi-unit affordable housing developments. With the full range of flexible configuration options available, the possibilities for modifying shipping containers are virtually endless.

Why Choose M1 Containers as Your Shipping Container Company?

M1 Containers is an industry leader in custom shipping container solutions. We have a wide range of experience in designing modified containers for nearly every industry you can think of. Our designs meet the cost, durability, functionality and environmental requirements of a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects. M1 Containers’ team can create completely custom container designs to fit building guidelines and your custom specifications. We also understand the need to complete the job quickly, especially for business owners who must meet tight deadlines. We are your trustworthy, partner-focused, detail-oriented provider of custom containers that will exceed your expectations. It’s time to think Beyond the Box with M1 Containers.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Shipping Containers?

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They’re Customized

Shipping container structures can be modified to accommodate virtually any purpose. When you order from M1 Containers, our team of professionals will work with you to tailor a container with your goals in mind.
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They're Quick

Our container buildings are built with the highest quality materials available by our skilled team of modification and building experts. Even with every detail carefully taken care of by our talented craftsmen, M1 Containers has the fastest turn-around times in the state of Florida.
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They’re Portable

Because of their smart, compact design, shipping container modifications can be quickly and conveniently transported to different areas – even after they have been modified. M1 Containers offers delivery, set up and relocation services.
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They're Durable

Shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh conditions and transport materials overseas. You modified shipping container building will be made of industrial-strength metal that will not break or decay, even in Florida’s rain and hurricane seasons.

Customized Containers for both Commercial and Residential needs

Whether you are rehabbing an existing mobile container office, expanding your workspace, or looking at container housing – we are here for you! Let M1 Containers help you think beyond the box. Contact us to start your project today.
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