Repair, restoration and MAintenance

Extend the life of your container or trailer with expert assistance from M1 Containers’ technicians.

Modified shipping containers, storage units and trailers are designed to be durable and last for years. But even the sturdiest product will have maintenance or restoration needs. Rather than start from scratch, let M1 Containers help you breath new life into your existing container or trailer!

At M1 Containers, we have a large selection of exceptional shipping containers for sale and for rent. To get the most out of your shipping container, it is essential to practice proper storage container maintenance to see your return on investment. To prevent damage and extend the life of your shipping container, our team offers all types of container repair – from repairing ISO doors to entire roof replacement.


  • Repairing container floors
  • Leveling walls and doors
  • All A/C repairs – window and bard units
  • Replacing doors or fitting new rubber door gasket
  • Patching container holes / filling cracks
  • Refrigerated container service and maintenance
  • Repairing door bars and locking handles
  • Welding patches
  • Replacing security locks or welding new lock boxes
  • Cross member repair
  • Replacing timber flooring
  • Trailers Set Up & Tear Down
  • Delivery & Relocation
  • Metal Finishing and Restoration

Our facility is equipped to fully repair shipping containers. We make the highest quality, necessary repairs to your existing shipping container and restore it to full usefulness. We provide simple repairs like patching holes, as well as in-depth repairs, here are some examples:

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When your container is not in use, we store it safely and securely in our depot. You can rest assured knowing your equipment is safe from theft, damage, and weather.
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At M1 Containers, we will also thoroughly clean and restore your container at your request. You’ll get comprehensive cleaning inside and out resulting in a ready-for-use container.
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Our maintenance and repair services are the best around. We meet or exceed every industry standard and employ the most highly trained, experienced team in the Kissimmee, Florida area.
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Restoration, relocation and delivery, and hands-on service are only part of what you’ll love about M1 Containers. We offer a variety of shipping container repairs including chassis and trailer overhauls, thorough container inspections, and repair, maintenance, and restoration estimates. We feature the latest, most time-conscious and cost-effective industry technology and high-tech hardware and diagnostic tools available.

Contact M1 Containers for all your container repair, restoration and maintenance needs.

When you’re ready for container services, storage and repair, and an outstanding customer experience, contact M1 Containers. It’s time to think Beyond the Box with M1 Containers!
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