Storage Solutions with M1 Containers

Standard storage containers are ideal for keeping valuable materials, inventory, and equipment safe and protected from the elements. Originally designed for long treks across the ocean on cargo ships, storage containers are designed to keep valuable goods safe and intact. They are a great choice for securing your business supplies, files and equipment.

Mobile One storage containers come in over 100 configurations and can be customized to your exact needs. Whether it’s one, two, or ten units, we recommend you choose a container based on your specific needs, including Standard, Extra Wide and Record storage units.

Is a Standard Shipping Container Right for Me?

Shipping container storage units work well across a wide range of industries and businesses, including:
  • Construction and municipal companies
  • Finance and tech companies
  • Retail businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Schools and universities
  • Agriculture and government operations

When to Consider Shipping Container Storage

Container storage units have many storage functions. Some of their most common uses include:

    Storage containers are perfect for keeping equipment and supplies safe overnight

    Inclement weather and delays can cost a project thousands of dollars in damage if high-value commercial inventory, equipment or supplies are left unprotected. Shipping container storage lets you keep these items safe and secure in any conditions, avoiding risks of theft and damage.

    Classroom space is a hot commodity on school and university campuses. Shipping container storage can offer housing to equipment, school tech, tools and more – saving space and keeping classroom space available for academics.

    Renting an onsite storage container while your business or family moves locations is convenient and smart. You have peace of mind that your items are safe while you focus on the important task of relocating the most important parts of your life.

Benefits of Container Storage

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Have you ever tried to damage steel? It’s next to impossible. Shipping containers are made from steel, creating a strong and safe unit to keep your items safe in any weather and outdoor conditions. These containers are designed to withstand high winds, flying debris and any other hazards they encounter. Your items will stay dry and intact no matter what.
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Shipping containers are designed to be stackable and portable – making them easy to move and saving space at the same time. Shipping container storage units can be easily transported from location to location, which is a great option if your businesses needs to use storage across multiple jobsites, locations, or cities.
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M1 Containers are available purchase at affordable prices. These cost-effective units are much less expensive than replacing damaged equipment that has been left outside or lost to theft. They are a great tool for protecting your company and its assets.

On-Site Storage Containers are the Secure Choice

We know that storage needs tend to be urgent matters. Contact M1 Containers today and we will begin immediately on a storage container solution for you. Not sure if a storage container is the solution you are looking for? Let Mobile One Container help you think beyond the box! Our storage container rentals can meet almost any need you might come up with.
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