Shipping containers are one of the most versatile and cost-effective solutions for storage and transportation. When businesses need additional space or storage, modified shipping containers may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but they are incredibly useful for increasing space and customizing existing warehouses to better accommodate business operations. The use of storage containers to transform your warehouse offers the following benefits:

Increased Storage Capacity

Custom shipping containers offer the opportunity to increase the storage capacity of your warehouse. They provide up to 2,400 cubic feet of storage space each, and can be spaced out within a warehouse or stacked and arranged tightly to use as much of the warehouse space as possible. Stacking shipping containers allows floor-to-ceiling storage, which is very difficult to achieve without individual compartments.

In addition to maximizing storage capacity inside the warehouse, shipping containers can easily be placed and stored outside. If the warehouse property can accommodate outdoor shipping containers, you can greatly increase storage area without having to upgrade to a larger warehouse. 

Modified shipping containers are a great way to compartmentalize inventory in whatever way is most effective and efficient for your business. Packing inventory into a large space can often become disorganized and even hazardous, but shipping containers offer separated spaces that help to maintain organization and segmentation of whatever you’re storing. 

Whether you use storage containers inside the warehouse, outside the warehouse, or both, you can further maximize storage area by adding shelves, racks, smaller containers, or smaller compartments to use every available cubic foot of space. Customization from M1 Containers gives you exactly what you need for your specific storage needs.

Easier Transportation of Goods and Inventory

If you need to relocate or rearrange your inventory, move to a new or different warehouse, or transport things in bulk to a different location, storage containers are an easy way to do it all at once. Instead of having to package and move individual items into transport vehicles or storage spaces, shipping containers can be moved as a closed unit. The contents of a warehouse, if stored and organized in shipping containers, can be moved quickly and easily with little to no need to mess with the contents of each container. 

During any moving or rearranging, shipping containers are incredibly durable. They can be picked up, put down, even endure some bumps or mishaps without compromising their integrity. Shipping containers can be left outside to withstand weather during warehouse renovations, and protect inventory from any water damage or pest infestation during transport. 

Opportunities for Customization

Containers are highly customizable, offering endless opportunities for use both inside and outside your warehouse. These simple metal structures can be adapted with a number of customizations and upgrades, including:

One popular commercial use for our custom shipping containers is to create separate spaces, like offices or lounge areas, inside a warehouse. This can make the warehouse a more pleasant workspace if it is the primary site of multiple business functions. Customized shipping containers can even add visual appeal to an otherwise bland area. Business operations can be scaled and compartmentalized by using shipping containers to create separate spaces in a warehouse, allowing for multiple business activities to occur at once with privacy and separation. These same benefits can apply to shipping containers placed outdoors creating an office environment, workspace, or even a sales area open to clients and customers that is on-site but separated from the warehouse. 

This adaptability and potential to create different environments within each storage container also means you can store a wider range of goods within one warehouse. For example, you can have containers that are refrigerated, some that are heated, some that are humidity controlled, depending on the ideal conditions for what you will be storing. 

Air-conditioned, or refrigerated units, are one-way custom shipping containers can improve warehouse storage capabilities.


Using shipping containers in your warehouse is an affordable alternative to other storage options like building and purchasing warehouse storage structures. Traditional options like purchasing or leasing a larger facility, building a new warehouse, or renting additional storage units can be expensive when you’re looking to expand your space or operations. Shipping containers are not just affordable but are also readily available and can be purchased, placed, and put to use in a short period of time. 

Shipping containers also reduce the cost of maintenance making them inexpensive to use and own. Their steel construction has a lifespan of over 20 years with basic maintenance, so they rarely need replacing. Depending on your storage needs, you may even be able to reduce your required warehouse space and save on facility size and costs by stacking storage containers to consolidate inventory.


The use of shipping containers for storage or warehouse design and organization is an environmentally friendly way to reuse these containers. When faced with the need for more space for storage, offices, or otherwise, businesses may choose to remodel or build an entirely new facility. This requires resources like building materials, energy, and often the clearing of new space for building. Choosing shipping containers requires far less effort and gives existing containers a new purpose. 

For businesses with an environmentally friendly and sustainable vision, reducing the use of natural resources and recycling structures supports that vision by reducing the business’s carbon footprint. Besides replacing the need to build a new warehouse or storage structure, shipping containers are made of steel making them easily recyclable. Recycling them when they are no longer able to be used cuts down on the need for new steel production.

Wondering if Shipping Containers Might Work for Your Warehouse?

The benefits of using shipping containers for storage or other space needs could make them a great choice for your business. Whether you’re looking for a way to incorporate office or work spaces, trying to be more budget conscious or sustainable, or simply want to maximize your storage capability, M1 Containers has customizable products and services to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss how shipping containers can upgrade your warehouse and business!

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