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Published: April 24, 2023

The Advantage of Ready-Made Modified Shipping Containers

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Modified Shipping Containers have grown in popularity across many industries.  These sturdy cargo boxes that ship goods across the globe have now become upcycled containers that offer solutions in a cost-effective, eco-friendly way that is much quicker than conventional construction projects. Many businesses and industries have discovered the versatility of using shipping containers to meet their needs. The strength, durability and portability of shipping containers have grown them into a popular choice for many projects.

What is a Modified Shipping Container?

Modified shipping container modules began as standard shipping containers. M1 Containers then modify the containers, changing the exterior or adding interior elements to meet a customer or company’s requirements. The modifications we can make to a shipping container are endless. And that is one of the biggest advantages to using shipping containers for your office space, restaurant or pop-up store.  Modified shipping containers are entirely customizable to fit your needs. From a working kitchen to restrooms to determining exactly how many windows you want – any project benefits from a modified shipping container structure.

Over time, M1 Containers has discovered that many of our customers have similar requests. We have designed a set of ready-made containers with floor plans and features that meet the needs of the requests we here most often from clients. Let’s explore the advantages of ready-made modified shipping containers.

Why are Ready-Made Modified Shipping Containers a great option?

  1. They are proven and tested
  2. They are fast
  3. They are durable
  4. They are secure

Proven and Tested

For years, many of M1 Containers has 18-foot, 20-foot, 25-foot and 40-foot ready-made modified shipping containers available. These tried and true designs are proven, tested and can make your project a success. When you use M1 Containers’ pre-existing container designs, you get all the benefits without the hassle of starting from scratch.

Sometimes, projects have a short lead time. While we work hard at M1 Containers to modify our containers to exceed our customers’ expectations – sometimes, time is crucial and a ready-made container is key to the success of your project. When you choose one of our pre-existing designs, your project is that much closer to being done! This will often take weeks off your project schedule.


Upcycled shipping containers take speed a step further. There are many unique advantages to containers over traditional modular structures. Shipping containers are:

  • Relocatable structures that don’t require permanence.
  • Quick to set up and great ground-level structure solutions.
  • Fast and easy to connect onsite, even with electrical and plumbing.
  • Ready for site set up. Many container applications don’t need foundations, just flat and solid ground.


Shipping containers are constructed to weather harsh marine environments while protecting the cargo inside. As the base structure for the modified modules, this resiliency is part of the foundation of every module.  

Sometimes called conex containers, shipping containers have a lifespan of 25 years on average. After that, they still hold a 75 percent salvage value, even as training facilities and workspace solutions. Not only is the longevity of repurposed shipping containers unlike most other capital assets, but the maintenance required to ensure that longevity is simple and cost-efficient. For example, you’ll need to regularly inspect the surface for rust and clean the metal as necessary – an easy yet worthwhile routine.


Alongside durability, repurposed shipping containers are incredibly secure. Constructed of heavy-duty, 16-gauge steel, shipping containers are difficult to break into, helping to protect against theft. Shipping containers are a great solution to protect the most important items to your business, no matter if it’s inventory storage or vital industrial equipment.

Can a Ready-Made Modified Shipping Containers Meet Your Needs? 

Check out what modified containers we have in stock or browse our floor plans to find a different solution. Then reach out to us. We’re ready to work together to get you the right structure. If you need something unique to our business needs -- or just prefer to add another door or a larger window, reach out to us and we can work on a custom shipping container for your project. It’s time to think outside the box with M1 Containers!

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